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CalVet Resource Guide - 8th Edition              


Gulf War Treatment 

ATTENTION: GULF WAR VETERANS DO YOU HAVE HEADACHES, MUSCLE, AND JOINT PAIN? Participate in non-invasive brain stimulation research called TMS.  Click here to find out more information.



CPT. James Ahn Memorial Scholarship 

Annual $1,000 Scholarship for full-time students who served in the U.S. Army Special Forces.


SUBSTANCE ABUSE                                                                       

Veteran Substance Abuse- A War on Home Soil for Veterans

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Main Street Plaza, Roseville, CA

Main Street Application


Casa de Rosas, Los Angeles, CA

Casa de Rosas Application


VA Home Loan Information



Senior Advice



The VA has created the Veterans Benefits Banking Program (VBBP).The Veterans Benefits Banking Program is a partnership between the VA and 43 banks (National and FDC approved) that a veteran can sign up with for free (no charges or fees) to have an account.


The VA’s goal to have as many veterans as possible sign up for a direct deposit account. It is targeted at recipients who are still receiving their check by mail or an issued a debit card (the green card many homeless vets have). This eliminates service charges and fees for using the debit card or cashing a check.


The wildfires in CA and OR have created problems for veterans expecting their checks in the mail because they’ve had to evacuate or mail is being delayed/not delivered due to safety measures. This is causing a financial burden for those veterans. Here is the link to the VBBP page: