Form 7a - Disaster Assistance Claim Form (Rev 9/20)


IRS W-9 - Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification


PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The primary purpose of this fund is to provide our members assistance of up to $1,000.00 emergency relief assistance in case property is lost due to a fire, flood or other disaster, displacement during a disaster, and reimbursement for costs associated with blood replacement.

Disaster Assistance is about more than money, there is the effort on the ground.  We highly encourage comrades to provide on-site assistance post-disaster such as coordination with other community agencies and resources, providing supplies, etc..

Districts and posts are encouraged to develop a "community information tree” so that in the event of a disaster, Districts, Posts, and Comrades would automatically know where to turn to either assist, or to receive help if needed.


COVERAGE: All members in good standing within the Post could receive up to $1,000.00 as emergency disaster relief upon approval of their application by the Department of California.  To make a claim, use Disaster Claim Application Form (Form-7a) when requesting Disaster Assistance.


DISASTER ASSISTANCE GUIDELINES:  To qualify for an Assistance Fund claim, a member’s recruitment date must be at least 90 days prior to placing a claim.  A person who is qualified to receive assistance is the owner of his home and is living in it at the time of disaster or a member who is living in the disaster area and was required to evacuate due to the disaster.  For members requesting reimbursement for displacement, receipts must be attached to the claim.  A valid claim on a member’s home must first be substantiated by a District or Post Commander who will investigate this to be true, and then submit the claim to Department Headquarters with a completed W-9, who will then determine the amount of such claim, not to exceed $1,000.00. 

  • Any person receiving funds from the Assistance Fund must be a member in good standing of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California.


  • Broken pipes, household accidents, or minor damages to personal property not due to a major catastrophic event are not eligible for filing a claim under the Assistance Program. 


  • Under no circumstances shall this be used for VFW member/landlords who have suffered a loss to rental property or for losses incurred by a business or businesses owned by a member of the VFW.


  • After any disaster, fire, flood, or earthquake, a mandatory cut-off date will be established. The aforementioned starts from the 1st day after the event and extends for thirty (30) days thereafter.  This time limit may be extended at the discretion of the State Commander.